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WeSchool Features

Create personalized learning paths

Create courses that align with your team’s requirements. From organizing modules in your preferred format to structuring personalized learning journeys, our dynamic platform empowers you to tailor the learning experience.

Choose between optional and mandatory modules

Make your course fit your needs. Use mandatory modules for users to complete all steps within the modules and track completions. Then let learners explore contents of interest with optional modules.

Make modules open or closed

Let participants contribute to the learning experience, by choosing “open modules”, where both learners and instructors can add materials for more interactive and dynamic learning. To make sure modules are completed, select mandatory modules.

Import bulk materials

Already have training materials you want to use? Import them in one go. Avoid wasting time creating content from scratch or waiting for materials to load. This way, you can continue working on the Module while content is being uploaded.


Adding resources is as simple as clicking ‘add content’ and adding as many content pieces as you want. From videos to external links, PDFs, online files and many others, drag, drop and publish.

Create exercises and tests

Easily assess knowledge with our ready-made templates. Tailor exercises and tests, choose from various question types, and monitor individual and group performance.

Learning milestones

Motivate learners with words of encouragement or a certificate after completing specific modules. 

Deliver certificates

Enhance the value of your training by offering official certificates. Customize certificates with your branding and course details, including logos, titles, descriptions, and personalized notes. Then automate the delivery of certificates based on the completion of modules or specific achievement criteria.

Personalize branding and logo

Add your logo, custom branding colors, community banner, and unique description to create a cohesive identity.

Custom URL

Generate your own URL with a custom slug that reflects your organization, making it easily recognizable for existing members.

The Wall

A group wall that connects, engages, and provides an overview of all activities. Keep learners informed about new posts, upcoming events, and fellow members with a panoramic view. Make group-wide announcements and encourage team discussions to foster engagement and idea sharing.


An interactive board to support teaching and collaboration in online and in-person environments. Use free writing, coding and formulas during live sessions.


Collaborate, discuss, and have closed conversations between administrators, instructors, and learners with our chat feature.


Take WeSchool’s learning platform with you wherever you go, with our mobile app. Interact, learn, and access all our platform features on the go: including learning materials, live sessions, messaging, assessments, and progress tracking.


Organize your team with a visual overview of live sessions, deadline activities, and upcoming events. Set deadlines for to-dos, video sessions, and activities, helping everyone stay in sync and achieve more.

Live video sessions

Host and attend live events on our platform. Save time and offer privacy with integrated video conferencing tools, track attendance, and foster learning through face-to-face interactions.

Management Dashboard

Streamline your user and group management processes. Create and invite users to new groups, disable inactive ones, and access individual and group profiles from a single place.

Dashboard & Analytics

Evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of your training with analytics. Visualize learning KPIs, analyze data at a granular level, and measure social learning across groups.


Allow users to single sign on to our learning platform using their existing credentials and save them from having to sign up or log in every time they access the platform. Users can use existing Microsoft and Apple accounts to log in to WeSchool. 

Video Conferencing integrations

Our video conference integrations lets you host live video sessions on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zooms, Webex or your preferred video conference tool without leaving the platform.

WeSchool Help Center

Find extensive articles and video tutorials to maximize your WeSchool experience. We are always adding new helpful content to improve your experience.

Contact Support

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for in our Help Center? Get in touch with our support team and we’ll resolve your problem in no time.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Your own Client Success Manager, in charge of anticipating your needs, addressing any issues and analyzing data to recommend retention strategies.